Emmanuel Sisterhood Bafut/Cameroon A protestant monastic community within the "Presbyterian Church in Cameroon" (PCC)
Emmanuel Sisterhood Bafut/CameroonA protestant monastic community within the "Presbyterian Church in Cameroon" (PCC)

A panoramic view over the grounds of Emmanuel sisterhood and surroundings March 2015

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Postal address:


P.O.Box 2057 - BAFUT

N. W. Region - BAMENDA



Call - / Mobil Phone:

+ (00) 237 677 57 13 69

+ (00) 237 675 07 90 36

+ (00) 237 677 79 31 77

+ (00) 237 674 10 58 82





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The Emmanuel-Sisterhood:

web site: http:// www.emmanuel-sisterhood.org


The Sisterhood of Emmanuel Bafut is located some 12 kilometers from the North West Provincial Head-quarters of Bamenda. Is has a serene environment with a beautiful natural scenery, that presents a gentle outcrop. Topographically, the landscape could be described from many fronts. It is gentle, undulating and flanked on one side by a huge and flamboyant hilly outcrop, good to give a panoramic view of the neighbourhood. This scenery thus, shapes the locality with varied drainage patterns, giving it the beauty it deserves. The locality is covered with vegetation and it's also fertile. Climatically, Bafut in general has the grass-field type climate, which is mild and tolerant to all visitors. The environment of the Sisterhood of Emmanuel is cool, fresh and very reflective-reason why it is good for prayers, meditation and retreats.

Here there is a bigger route map from DOUALA - BAFUT

Palace of Bafut by drone - Cameroon Kingdom

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Maranatha: Lord Jesus Christ and dwell with us. Amen

MARANATA | Emmanuel Sisters

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Prayer time

           (daily)  worship

           5:00 am    Vigil

           6:00 am    Lauds

           7:25 am    Teirce

         12:00 pm    Sext

           4:30 pm    Vespers

           7:30 pm    Compline  Sunday Service: 8:00 am           


Windows in the chapel with biblical inspired designs

The burning Bush - Ex 3:2
The Transfiguration - Mk 9:2-8/ Lk 9:28-36
The Tree of Life - Rev 2:7
The Holy Child of Bethlehem - Luke: 2:16
The woman with the pitcher In.12:3/Matt.26:7/Mk.16: 3
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