Emmanuel Sisterhood Bafut/Cameroon A protestant monastic community within the "Presbyterian Church in Cameroon" (PCC)
Emmanuel Sisterhood Bafut/CameroonA protestant monastic community within the "Presbyterian Church in Cameroon" (PCC)


                                                                                                              January 2020

Annual News Letter from the Community of Emmanuel Sisterhood Bafut for the year 2019


At the beginning of June 2019, the sisters leave Babete - Mbouda Monastery and move into the new sister home in Foumbot.


Au début du mois de juin 2019, les sœurs quittent le monastère Babete - Mbouda pour s'installer dans la nouvelle maison-soeur de Foumbot.


Farewell to the Benedictine monastery and the sisters in Babete - Mbouda


Adieu au monastère bénédictin et aux soeurs de Babete - Mbouda

                                                                                                                   April 2019

Annual Report 2018 to the members and patrons of the Circle of friends


Emmanuel  Sisters, Bafut, Cameroon...


                                                                                                                  April 2018

Sister Claire Jaff and sister Divine Edima Njobara visited the "Ushirika wa Neema" (Community of Grace) at the foot of Kilimanjaro in Tanzania at April 2018

                                                                                                        March 27th 2018

The five postulants Mariette, Siduan, Marinette, Blessing and Rita, entered postulancy on 27th of March 2018.

                                                                                                          March 8th 2018


Sister Grace


on the occassion of her entry into the Noviciate


Emmanuel Sisterhood Bafut,


the 8th of March 2018


                                                                                                            July 13th 2017


Sister Mercy


on the occassion of her temporary Profession


in Emmanuel Sisterhood Bafut,


the 13th of July 2017

                                                                                                           June 14th 2017

On the 14th June the prioress nominated her three immediate collaborators:  Rev. Sr. Ruth as her Assistant, Rev. Sr. Claire as Novice Mistress and Rev.Sr. Angele as the economic.

                                                                                                           June 10th 2017

With the consecration of the three sisters, the prioress  Rev. Sr. Shalom was commissioned for another term

                                                                                                           June 10th 2017



                    Final Profession


Sister Loveline Vershiyi, Sister Carise-Clemence Asch


                    Sister Johanna Bih


                the  10th of june 2017



Final Profession of Sr. Loveline Vershiyi,    Sr. Carise-Clemence Asch and Sr. Johanna Bih

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                                                                                                      January 27th 2017


Sister Gizele


on the occassion of her entry into the Noviciate


Emmanuel Sisterhood Bafut,


the 27th of January 2017


                                                                                                          November 2016



Sister Victory-Angele and Sister Beatrice


on the occassion of her temporary Profession


in Emmanuel Sisterhood Bafut,


of November 2016



                                                                                                                    July 2016

For the vocation camp:

- From July 17th to July 30th we had a Girls' Vocational Camp in the Sisterhood. The attendance was good and during these two weeks the girls participated in our worship life/works and also received teachings very useful to their lives morally, spiritually and psychologically.

                                                                                                         May /June 2016

- On the 12th May our Sr. Victory-Angele made her Temporary Vows in the religious life for 5 years. She remains in the novitiate for one year before joining the community.

- On the 27th of May 2016 our sister Marie Joelle successfully graduated from the

Theological Seminary Kumba with an award of Batchellor of Theology Degree. She

will be very useful in the community in the formation team and other areas.

- Our community Assembly which comes up once in two years was held on the 12th

June 2016. This brought together all the members of the community both from the

fraternity and those serving out for three fruitful days. It was a great blessing to have

our forma General Prioress from the mother House, Mother Evangeline visiting us

and taking part in this assembly and also giving a talk during the assembly.

- Rev. Gerhard Rihm  was also visiting us for two months to  round up with the

revision, printing and binding of the prayer books for our liturgy. These books were

blessed and dedicated for use during the celebration of the Eucharistic prayers by

Rev. Rihm and our chaplain shortly before Rev. Rihm’s departure to Germany in June


- On the 24th of June Sr. Ruth and Sr. Divine held a meeting for three days with the

handicaps and epileptics patients in Benakuma in the Menchum Division. During this

meeting the handicaps, epileptic patients and their carers were given teachings on

how to take care, and make life valuable for them as human beings with special


The two sisters also brought medications to the epileptic patients. Sr. Ruth makes

regular visits to this area to see how they are getting on and give more


                                                                                                                   April 2016


- The month of April was very busy for us on the farms taking care of the crops which are doing well.
- In our Center at Akum we had the first harvest of the fish for consumption and for the market to support the economical life of the center.
- Also in April, Sr. Joy celebrated her 30th anniversary in consecration. This celebration took place in our Mother House in France where Sr. Joy is visiting presently.
- At the end of May, Sr. Irene-Glory and Sr. Johanna who are both temporary professed sisters joined the community after spending one year of their first vows in the novitiate.
- We are glad to have Rev. Gerhard Rihm visiting us again. This will give opportunity for him to complete the revision work on the prayer books of our Offices for which we are very grateful.


                                                                                                                March 2016

Below are the few news form here:
- The rains have come and places are becoming green again. We are now cultivating our farms and planting crops.
- On the 6th of March Sr. Claire's family had a thanksgiving service in her home congregation at Memfu to thank God for her recovery from illness and the health of other family members. Three sisters accompanied her to the village for this occasion.
- We regret to announce that two weeks ago Sr. Loveline lost her father in a fire accident, a painful experience for her/us and her family.
- Sadly also, Sr. Florence's father also passed on to eternity three days ago and was buried in his home town at Ndu.

                                                                                               January/February 2016

Accept our greetings for the year 2016.

At the beginning of the year we sent to you our news letter for the year 2015-click here.
Here are some few information for January and February 2016:
- We have been blessed to build a chimney in our firewood kitchen carrying 6 burners, 2 ovens and hot water heater, thanks to financial assistance received from our circle of friends in Switzerland.

- Secondly, we deemed it very necessary to dig a well to get more water for our gardens during the dry season.
This process is going on though with some obstacles from rocks which we hope will be overcome.

Last week together with our our chaplain Rev. Fru Henry, we had the joy pray and bless the following projects of our Sisterhood: see blessing book-click here

All these are seen on the photographs which Sr. Angelika who was with us took as we went round during the blessing. The blessing book-video-click here

- Sr. Judith with a team made up of a sister and 3 workers traveled to Ndu on the 5th February to follow up the medical check-ups of the epileptic patients the Agape Unity program is giving medicines to. This exercise was very fruitful.


                                                                                                          November 2015


The photovoltaic solar system which was envisaged 8 months ago for the Sisterhood has finally been installed last week.
The Sisterhood community is so happy to witness it's proper take off and functioning.

It will hopefully go on to ameliorate the economic life of the Sisterhood.

Immense thanks to our donors.


                                                                                            September/October 2015



We are happy to have our prioress Rev. Sr. Shalom back in the community after some months of absence.

The sisters who were on holidays have now resume teaching.

Rev. Sr. Marie Joelle after 6 weeks of Practical Field Work under the supervision of a pastor in Bafut has now gone back to do a bachelor degree program for the last year, in the Presbyterian Theological Seminary.

Rev. Sr. Marie Pierre has therefore gone back to do her final year in the Teachers Training College.

We are blessed to have two new aspirants living closely with the community and considering to become postulants in a few weeks time if things go well with them and the community.

Rev. Sr. Judith and Rev. Sr. Mary Ann are very grateful and happy for the wheelchairs. That wheelchairs are so comfortable and solid.

We are grateful to receive a photovoltaic solar system in the community pending the installation.

Presently, we have embarked on the sewing of the pastoral attires in preparation for the ordination in December. Usually this is a very busy period for us with the sewing workshop.

With our cattle, Mr. Adamou the herds you during this September is attending seminars with CDENO on Pasture Seed Production, Preparation, Preservation and Storage. So on Sensitization of grazers to improve rangeland and Selection of Oxen Farmers.

                                                                                                           May 23rd 2015


On Saturday before Pentecost, May 23rd 2015 our sisters Divine Edima Njobara and Florence Limnyuy made their Perpetual Vows in the presence of Rev. Sr. Shalom, Prioress of the Emmanuel Sisters Bafut and Rev. Sr. Anne Etienne, representative of Prioress General from France.
This ceremony was presided over by the Rt. Rev. Fonki Samuel, moderator of the Presbyterian Church in Cameroon in the midst of sisters, family members and a cloud of witnesses from the church and beyond.

                                                                                                            April 9th 2015

Les soeurs bénédictines prient pour

le monde entier afin d'implorer DIEU

pour le pardon des péchés.


The Benedictine nuns pray for
the whole world to implore GOD
for the forgiveness of sins.

Visit the Sisters - Le Monastere SAINT  BENOIT DE BABETE in MBOUDA/Cameroon April 2015

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                                                                                                        March 26th 2015

Visit with worship in prison in Bamenda - March 2015

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                                                                                                        March 15th 2015

The new moderator of the Presbyterian Church in Cameroon is Rt. Rev. FONKI Samuel FORBA March 15, 2015

                                                                                                           May 23rd 2015

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                    Final Profession


            Sister Florence Limnyuy


         Sister Divine Edima Njobara


                   23rd May 2015

Final Profession of Sr. Divine-Edima Maai & Sr. Florence Limnyuy

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                                                                                                        March 11th 2015


Sister Irene Glory


on the occassion of her temporary Profession


in Emmanuel Sisterhood Bafut,


the 11th of March 2015

Sister Irene Glory on the occassion of her temporary Profession

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                                                                                                          March 9th 2015


Sister Merry


  on the occassion of her entry into the Noviciate


  of Emmanuel Sisterhood Bafut,


 the 9th of March 2015

Sister Merry on the occassion of her entry into the Noviciate

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Maranatha: Lord Jesus Christ and dwell with us. Amen

MARANATA | Emmanuel Sisters

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Prayer time

           (daily)  worship

           5:00 am    Vigil

           6:00 am    Lauds

           7:25 am    Teirce

         12:00 pm    Sext

           4:30 pm    Vespers

           7:30 pm    Compline  Sunday Service: 8:00 am           


Windows in the chapel with biblical inspired designs

The burning Bush - Ex 3:2
The Transfiguration - Mk 9:2-8/ Lk 9:28-36
The Tree of Life - Rev 2:7
The Holy Child of Bethlehem - Luke: 2:16
The woman with the pitcher In.12:3/Matt.26:7/Mk.16: 3
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