Emmanuel Sisterhood Bafut/Cameroon A protestant monastic community within the "Presbyterian Church in Cameroon" (PCC)
Emmanuel Sisterhood Bafut/CameroonA protestant monastic community within the "Presbyterian Church in Cameroon" (PCC)


Agape unity program


 Meeting with the coordinator on 16th January 2018 for people with disabilities in MANKWI

The Emmanuel Sisters of Bafut in Bamenda 
North West Region of Cameroon 
is a religious congregation 
within the Presbyterian Church of Cameroon (PCC).

Based on saint Irénée saying that 
"God's glory is a standing man" 
Sr. Judith who herself has been on a wheel chair 
in 2009 started the AGAPE UNITY PROGRAM 
to identify, care, educate and support 
children and young adults suffering 
from physical handicap 
in the remote villages of Cameroon.

REPORTS (pdf) AND MEETINGS (videos, photos) FROM 2016 to 2017

Further information about the projects:

Photos of the people who are looked after by "AGAPE"

AGAPE UNITY - photos and information

Email Address: sr.judithm@gmail.com

 We invite you personally through prayer, how to support a giving, respectful work of 
 the sisters.  
 Please get in touch with us. 

 We invite you to support these charitable works of the sisters. You are in our prayers.

Support by the circle of friends - Emmanuel Sisterhood

We have been receiving support from the following:
The Association of the Circle of Friends
c/o Urs Scheibler, Stutzweg 6, CH 4434 Hölstein
c/o Sr.Traude Leitenberger,Ev. Diakonissenanstalt,Rosenbergstr. 40, D 70176 Stuttgart
c/o Pfrin. Hedda Klip, Grotestraat 17, NL 7631 BT Ootmarsum
Diaconesses de Reuilly, c/o Sr. Mireille ,10 rue Porte de Buc, F 78000 Versailles



 Agape unity program

Emmanuel Sisters Bafut North West Region



Maranatha: Lord Jesus Christ and dwell with us. Amen

MARANATA | Emmanuel Sisters

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Prayer time

           (daily)  worship

           5:00 am    Vigil

           6:00 am    Lauds

           7:25 am    Teirce

         12:00 pm    Sext

           4:30 pm    Vespers

           7:30 pm    Compline  Sunday Service: 8:00 am           


Windows in the chapel with biblical inspired designs

The burning Bush - Ex 3:2
The Transfiguration - Mk 9:2-8/ Lk 9:28-36

Impressions of the Emmanuel Sisterhood Bafut/Cameroon 2013

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     From March to April, 2013

              EASTER 2013

Impressions of the Emmanuel Sisterhood Bafut/Cameroon 2015

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The Holy Week-Palm Sunday-Maundy Thursday-Good Friday


             EASTER 2015

The Tree of Life - Rev 2:7
The Holy Child of Bethlehem - Luke: 2:16
The woman with the pitcher In.12:3/Matt.26:7/Mk.16: 3

Impressions of the Emmanuel Sisterhood Bafut/Cameroon 2013/2014

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             CHRISTMAS 2013

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