Emmanuel Sisterhood Bafut/Cameroon A protestant monastic community within the "Presbyterian Church in Cameroon" (PCC)
Emmanuel Sisterhood Bafut/CameroonA protestant monastic community within the "Presbyterian Church in Cameroon" (PCC)


From Sunday 5 to Sunday 12 July 2015

An international gathering for young people 40 and under living a monastic or religious life, both those in formation as well as those already committed for some years.



Taizé is “a simple shoot that has been grafted on a great tree, without which it could not exist,” Brother Roger liked to say. Representatives of this "great tree" of religious and monastic life, superiors of Catholic, Protestant and Orthodox communities, congregations and monasteries will give witness to their experience. They will also bring to light intuitions of Brother Roger that can contribute to the renewal of religious and monastic life today.

Each day, their interventions will be followed by a time of dialogue with all the participants.

Week meeting on the vocation to the monastic and religious life at the present time

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From 5 to 12 July 2015 around 350 young people, women and men living a monastic or religious life gathered in Taizé for a "Week of Reflection on the Relevance of a Religious Vocation". They came from Orthodox, Protestant and Catholic communities and from 52 different countries. Each day different guest speakers were invited to talk to them and to answer questions.

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Further recordings for the week meeting from 5th to 12th July 2015 Taize / France

Taizé - Music of Unity and Prayer - Webisode 1, 2, 3, (englisch)

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Maranatha: Lord Jesus Christ and dwell with us. Amen

MARANATA | Emmanuel Sisters

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Prayer time

           (daily)  worship

           5:00 am    Vigil

           6:00 am    Lauds

           7:25 am    Teirce

         12:00 pm    Sext

           4:30 pm    Vespers

           7:30 pm    Compline  Sunday Service: 8:00 am           


Windows in the chapel with biblical inspired designs

The burning Bush - Ex 3:2
The Transfiguration - Mk 9:2-8/ Lk 9:28-36
The Tree of Life - Rev 2:7
The Holy Child of Bethlehem - Luke: 2:16
The woman with the pitcher In.12:3/Matt.26:7/Mk.16: 3
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